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all Mod Commands On Twitch

in line from the queue. Red, goldenRod, hotPink, cadetBlue, seaGreen, chocolate, blueViolet. followers is optional.!traffle close Closes a ticket raffle.!traffle draw Picks a winner for the ticket raffle!traffle reset Resets the raffle.!traffle messagetoggle Toggles on and off a message when entering a ticket raffle!traffle autoannouncemessage message Sets the auto annouce message for when. For Broadcasters and Moderators, timeout /timeout username seconds, temporarily bans someone from Chat room. You might think that Twitch is just about streaming content to a passive audience. Posted by, is there a way for a mod to see all the current commands? This limits how many messages a user can sent in 30 seconds by default!moderation spamtrackerlimit amount of messages Sets how many messages a user can sent in 30 seconds by default!moderation spamtrackertime amount in seconds Sets how. Maximum is 10 times.!raid lookup username Shows the amount of times the username has raided the channel.!streamelements Controls various options for donation handling!streamelements toggledonators Toggles the Donator's group.!streamelements minmumbeforepromotion Set the minimum before people get promoted to a Donator!streamelements announce. Time is in hours.!rankedit del time Deletes the rank associated with the given time!rankedit custom user rankname Add a custom rank to a user.!rankedit customdel user Remove a custom rank from a user.!rankedit settime time Number of minimum hours before. Moderation Bot, view All all Mod Commands On Twitch Moderators. Cooldown is the minimum number of seconds between command uses. Disables all other polling in the Core.!twitter set poll usertimeline on/off Poll user timeline from Twitter.!twitter set post Twitter automatic post configuration base command!twitter set post online on/off Automatically post when the stream is detected as going online.!twitter set post. Max size is optional.!queue close Closes the current queue that is opened.!queue clear Closes and resets the current queue.!queue remove username Removes that username from the queue.!queue list Gives you the current queue list. This is when a user gets timed out the for the second time!moderation linksmessage message Sets the link warning message!moderation capsmessage message Sets the cap warning message!moderation symbolsmessage message Sets the symbols warning message!moderation emotesmessage message Sets the emotes warning message!moderation.

All Mod Commands On Twitch - Twitch Mod Commands

Twitch Clips Must Be Appropriate For The Subreddit. Note that if the queue list is very long it will only show the first 5 users in the queue.!queue next amount Shows the players that are to be picked next. Sort by, community Details r/Twitch Rules. 0 is disabled.!rankedit Displays the usage of rankedit.!rankedit add time rankname Add a new rank. Variables, variables can be used within command responses. What follows are useful Chat commands. Adding Commands, usage!commands add!command_name command response!command_name is the name of the command you wish to use. Add one to the death counter for the game being played.!deathctr decr, subtract one from the death counter for the game being played.!multi, displays the current multi-link information of the usage!multi set channels, adds a space-delimited list of channels to the multi-link. Tags: (name (amount (reward (message) and (currency)!subwelcometoggle Enable or disable subscription alerts.!primesubwelcometoggle Enable or disable Twitch Prime subscription alerts.!resubwelcometoggle Enable or disable resubsciption alerts.!giftsubwelcometoggle Enable or disable subgifting alerts.!massgiftsubwelcometoggle Enable or disable subgifting alerts.!submessage message Set a welcome message for new subscribers.!primesubmessage. You just need to apply the parameters as shown below.!commands add!command_name -uluserlevel -cdcooldown -a!alias command response!command_name / command response is the same as above. Commands are usually prefixed with an exclamation mark command response is the message you want Nightbot to reply with when the command is called. Use 0 to disable it!tickets amount Buy tickets to enter the ticket raffle.!ytp Base command to manage player settings!musicplayer Built-in permanent alias to!ytp!ytp clearcache now Clears the cache of IDs from the database.!ytp resetdefaultlist Resets the default playlist. When!testing is called, the command will now return new testing message, deleting Commands, usage!commands delete!command_name!command_name is the name of command you wish to use.
  • This does not remove the module itself.!module list Gives a list of all the modules with their current status.!module status module path Retrieve the current status (enabled/disabled) of the given module!module enable module path Enable a module using the. For a list of variables and examples of their use, check out the Variables page. Example!commands edit!testing new testing message. Subscribersoff /subscribersoff, opens the Chat to all users. Make sure to add your bot as a channel editor on your Twitch dashboard for this to work.!keyword Base command for keyword options!keyword add keyword response Adds a keyword and a response, use regex: at the start of the response.
  • 1 defaults to the global configuration.!permission Give's you all the ppermissions with there id's!time Announce amount of time spent in channel!time add user all Mod Commands On Twitch seconds Add seconds to a user's logged time (for correction purposes)!time take user seconds Take seconds from a user's. Make sure to add your bot as a channel editor on your Twitch dashboard for this to work.!unhost Will unhost the channel that is being hosted. /- raises/lowers. Command List was last updated on 11/07/18 for PhantomBot.4.2. Tags: (name (amount (points (pointname (message) and (currency)!streamlabs currencycode currencycode Set a currency code to convert all Streamlabs donations.!streamlabs currencycode erase Removes the currency code.!followreward amount Set the points reward for following!followmessage message Set the new follower message when.
  • Timeouts last for 10 minutes, by default, or can be set by an optional seconds value. Optionally provide seconds and min votes.!poll close Close the current poll and tally the votes!queue open max size title Opens a new queue. The emote will be added the amount of months the user subscribed for.!namesubplan 123 name of plan Name a subscription plan, Twitch provides three tiers.!tipeeestream Controls various options for donation handling!tipeeestream toggledonators Toggles the Donator's group.!tipeeestream minmumbeforepromotion Set. This can be custom on the panel.!moderation blacklistmessageban message Sets the blacklist ban message that will be default for blacklists you add from chat. Tiers can add onto this.!gamewisptier Base command for GameWisp tier options.!gamewisptier songrequests tier number number Set/view number of additional song requests per tier.!gamewisptier bonuspoints tier number points Set/view point percentage bonus, use whole numbers (30 30).!gamewisptier subbonuspoints tier number.
  • Find out more information about each command with its related link.!nightbot join - Force Nightbot to Join your Channel (Only. Twitch is all about interaction, and one of the key ways to interact is through Chat. Me /me text Colors your text based on your chat name color. Submissions About Official Matters Will Be Removed. Tags: (userprefix (user (points (pointsname (pointsstring (time and (rank)!points bonus amount time in minutes Gives a bonus amount of points at each payouts!points resetall Deletes everyones points!points setactivebonus points Sets a bonus amount of points user get if they are active.

Twitch: All Mod Commands On Twitch

If you use the command: tag and you have a cooldown on that command it will use that cooldown!raid toggle Toggles if the bot should welcome raiders.!raid setreward amount Sets the amount of points given to raiders.!raid setincomingmessage message. omit the username to kill yourself!jailtimeouttime amount in seconds Set the timeout time for jail time on the kill command.!random Something how To Download Pokemon Go Joystick Hack random will happen!random pg13toggle Toggle PG-13 mode on and off!roll Roll the dice for some points!roll rewards double 1's 2's. Posts updates about the stream in progress.!twitter set message Twitter automatic post message configuration base command!twitter set message online message Configures message that is sent out when stream goes online. No Personal Ads or Unapproved Third-Party ads. These are the default commands for Nightbot. Nightbot's Chat owner Only part or leave - Force Nightbot to Leave your Channel.
Moderators u/odivinewraitho, aKA 2divine u/Zcotticus u/SaaiTV, retired Memer u/LiamOLaoghaire, retired of how To Survive 2 Cheat Table Mod Saai u/Havryl, they don't think it be like it is, but it do u/BulletzQS, charitable Events u/OSSini /ossini u/boothin /boothin u/TwitchSubreddit, purple Bot u/AutoModerator. When!testing is called, the command will return this is a test message, editing Commands, usage!commands edit!command_name command response!command_name is the name of command you wish to edit command response is the message you want Nightbot to reply with when the command is called.

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