Blaze Black 2 Cheat Codes

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blaze Black 2 Cheat Codes

080 78 SSJ Future Trunks Fighting (1) Keen Eye (2) Aura (1) Prevents loss of accuracy. Doc, having Ichise in tow, drives to her home outside the city limits, as she wants him to learn how to be sophisticated rather than violent. (2) Prevents ability reduction. 040 38 Jeice Fighting (1) Vital Spirit (2) Run Away (1) Prevents sleep. All the Shapes have rooted to the ground and permanently immobilized, including Kohakura. 072 70 SSJ Broly Fighting Huge Power Raises attack. Toyama had intentionally destroyed blaze Black 2 Cheat Codes the train and tunnel to stop Kano's invasion, but he goads Ichise into fighting him by telling him that Ran has been captured by Kano. Eriko "Doc" Kaneda Kaneda Eriko, Doc ) Voiced by: Shizumi Niki (Japanese Victoria Harwood (English) Doc is a researcher on Texhnolyzation from the Class. Spotlight, assassins Creed Odyssey Trainer, write your own legendary Odyssey and live epic adventures in a world where every choice matters. 067 65 Bug Cell Bug Fighting Shed Skin Heals the body by shedding. 22 "Myth" September 24, 2003 Onishi is consequently murdered by the mob surrounding him, leaving nothing left but his texhnolyzed limbs. Ichise, an orphan turned prize fighter, loses a leg and an arm to satisfy an enraged fight promoter. (2) Negates 1-hit KO attacks. Shinji enters the fortress of the Class, killing many of the members before being shot himself by Zashi, Kano's informant, who then shoots himself in the head. However, Ichise also arrives and punches Yoshii in the face, causing him to fall over a ledge. During the investigation, Toyama reveals that the Organo is kept alive through the Class by collecting raffia stored underground. 011 11 Super Piccolo Fighting Grass Natural Cure Heals upon switching out. 017 17 Giran Dragon Flying Sticky Hold Prevents item theft. Kano sends a message to all texhnolyzed humans that Lux will now be governed by the Class under the security of the Shapes. Doc, trying to persuade Ichise that the world is coming to an end, embraces him and tells him that they must leave Lux before it is too late. 102 98 Janemba Dark Normal (1) Synchronize pillars Of Eternity Nexus Ie Mod (2) Thick Fat (1) Passes on status problems. 097 93 Kibitoshin Fighting Psychic (1) Clear Body (2) Serene Grace (1) Prevents ability reduction.
  • 008 8 SSJ Gohan Fighting Inner Focus Prevents flinching. (2) Makes escaping easier. The events take place in the vibrant yet dilapidated underground city of Lux. Cheat Codes: Welcome to Cheatbook, your number one Cheats source for all video games and game cheats and codes. She also confesses that she used her cells as a biocircuit for the texhnolyzed limbs, being the reason why she lied before.
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  • Cheats, cheat codes, unlockables, achievements, easter eggs, glitches, guides and more for PC (PC) games beginning with. has everything you need to dominate PC (PC) games. CheatBook is the resource for the latest Cheats, Hints, FAQ and Walkthroughs, Cheats, codes, hints, games. Texhnolyze Tekunoraizu) is a Japanese anime television series directed by Hiroshi Hamasaki, from a screenplay by Chiaki Konaka, and produced by Yasuyuki Ueda, with original character design by Yoshitoshi ABe.


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055 53 Garlic 2 Dark Dead Zone Prevents the foe's escape. After Mari goes to sleep, Yoshii searches for the man at the brothel and shoots him point blank. Without his consent and by means of seduction, she surgically installs the texhnolyzed limbs into his body. Meanwhile, the sage explains to Yoshii that Ran is a seer, able to look into an individual's near future. Sentenced to death by your family, embark on an epic journey from outcast mercenary to legendary Greek hero, and uncover the truth about blaze Black 2 Cheat Codes your past.
blaze Black 2 Cheat Codes


Out in the ruins, Ichise takes down members of the Class who were sent after the two of them. 091 89 Super Buu Normal Dark (1) Terror blaze Black 2 Cheat Codes (2) Natural Cure (1) Helps repel fighters.

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