Deadliest Warrior Cheats

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deadliest Warrior Cheats

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  • Slice mode: Press LT, X, A, X, A,. Sudden Death mode: Press X, RB, Up, Down, LB,. In this mode, every attack that lands on either warrior will sever a limb. Players must win by cutting off both of their deadliest Warrior Cheats opponent's legs. Warriors will continue to fight when their limbs are severed or they are decapitated.
  • Zombie mode: Press Y, A, A, A, X,. In this mode, each warrior starts with no health. God mode (player two Press Down B, X, A, Y, Up). One hit finishes the match.
  • Deadliest Warrior Cheats

deadliest Warrior Cheats
deadliest Warrior Cheats

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