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his left arm, in which Naobi had unlocked upon capturing him. He acts as a mine of information for Haseo, having connections with numerous influential PCs, including Ovan, Naobi and Taihaku. Games, as sign was to the Original.hack Games. Tabby Tab ) Voiced by: Megumi Toyoguchi (Japanese Maryke Hendrikse (English) 3 As her name implies, Tabby somewhat resembles a cat, with feline ears, claws, and hair that acts like a cat's tail. A Special Edition "PK Kit" was also made available which contains the DVD, the first. Ovan van voiced by: Hiroki Touchi (Japanese Michael Kopsa (English) 2 The Guildmaster of the Twilight Brigade, Ovan has a strange device sealed around his left arm. This somehow puts her into a coma in the real world, which devastates Haseo.

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Home, upload categories channels New Wave Media Group Kft. He was attacked by hack Roots Op Azure Kite in episode 14, but then later backed off after realising that Phyllo was not Ovan, who he was looking for and had been at the same area as Phyllo only seconds earlier. The final episode was broadcast on September 27, 2006. The anime was licensed by Bandai Entertainment with dubbing handled by The Ocean Group based out of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Now, on to the review: Story: For the sake of the part of the audience who didn't really seem to get why"The World" has began its new revision, the company of the game, CC(Cyber Connect) Corp.
  • "The Official Art.hack/Roots". If you haven't played the game yet but you still finished the series, better grab the /G.U. Those who have suffered fates like hers are referred to as a Lost One, since it is rumored that once PKed by Tri-Edge a player can never return to the game.
  • In the year 2015 the.C. Corps building was burned down, and with it most of the data for The World was lost.hack roots is a 26-episode anime created. It is based on the worldwide hit game,.hack.
  • With Ovan gone and no sign of the Key of the Twilight, the Twilight Brigade disband and previous members, such as B-set and Gord, quit the game entirely. It was Phyllo who introduced Shino to Ovan. He is an outsider in real life, and not very good at dealing with people. The beginning of the series focuses on Ovan's interaction with Haseo, as well as the rivalry between the members of Ovan's guild, twilight Brigade, and the huge guild, taN run by the player.
  • She has a contact named Saburo; a former member of TaN that worked under her. "From Midst of Town" 4:13. Only 4 episodes are on the DVD.
  • "Mizuki Kyouka" 4:20. She seems to take pleasure in hunting down members of the Twilight Brigade and PK them after shaking them down for information.


  1. He is an enigma to those who know him. Once the Twilight Brigade had acquired all 6 cores, the guild headed out to use them in one of the "Lost Ground"s, after figuring out that the two were connected to one another. The doctors cannot treat her because they do not know the cause behind her coma.
  2. That said, though, the anime falls flat on its face, because of far too many factors that should been taken care. The storyline is so weak, the viewer often feels as if he s watching a documentary of something. OP, single - Kibou no Uta Binbougami ga! OP, single - Make My Day! Powerpuff Girls Z Original Soundtrack Busou Renkin.
  3. Tri-Edge " and shows what happened to Haseo in the eight months prior to his appearance.hack/G.U. Ver.) Arika Takarano 1:35.hack/Roots OST II track cod Waw Online 2018 list. He encountered Azure Kite, and defeated him leaving one witness. When Haseo competes in a special event that promises a special reward, he gains a new power, but his mind is corrupted and he begins to kill PKers with yet more aggression, gaining him the title of "The Terror of Death.".
  4. hack Roots Op
hack Roots Op

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