Mad Max Nes Game Genie Codes

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mad Max Nes Game Genie Codes

to start at the Area 3 Arena or any earlier level. Note: To successfully complete the game, it must be started at the Area 3 Road War level or earlier. This game is pretty simple if you know what you re doing, but if you don t have a manual, that s not entirely clear. Mad Max is reminiscent of another, nES game published by Mindscape called Infiltrator in that both games have similar stage select and password systems. Nintendo Game Genie Codes - Video Game Entertainment System nES game Genie Code, index The following is a list insight Remote Codes For Tv of games we have, game Genie Codes for games on Nintendo, entertainment System nES ). Not all of the game genie code are up yet. Game listing; 1942: 1943. Mad Max : The Magic of Scheherazade. Finally, you'll find a health and the bf1 Game Modes Explained remaining ammos in the southwest corner. There's no need to open the door in the top half as you can just loop around. Back at the first intersection, go right this time. If you've seen any of the Mad Max movies, you should already know the story, but here is the blurb taken from the game 's introductory sequence: "To understand you must go back, to when the world was powered by the black fuel. Start with 9 Energy Tanks, paukoiae, submitted by ventureman. The other northern section you can reach from here contains a fuel behind two doors. Questions, comments, and criticisms can be sent to pluvius3 @ m (without the spaces obviously). Do you have cheats you can contribute? To get to the caves, take a left instead. Enter it and you'll eventually reach the next cave. What you should do in this arena and all of the others is look for the exit first, then take care of the cars. You can pay for a full tank of gas with six food, six water, three food and three water, or any other combination that adds up to six units. Blow the tires up with your dynamite and drive north along the nearby road.
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  • To get to the last cave, go back to the intersection before last and go north this time. The middle locked room (locked on both sides, don't waste your keys on both) contains the rest of the supplies. You'll almost certainly need more mad Max Nes Game Genie Codes than one life to complete both arena objectives, but that's OK since you have three. Make sure you don't fall into any of the rectangular black holes strewn around either; they mean instant death.
  • You'll soon reach the arena entrance in a similar area as the one at the end of the first level. The quickest way is S, E, E, N at each respective intersection. You have an unlimited number of tries to make it through the road war levels, but you have to start from the beginning of the level each time you die, losing any supplies you may have gotten. As I said earlier, however, getting the other two crossbows is to your advantage. Always buy the arena pass before anything else.
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  • If you die, you'll end up back at the main menu and have to do Road War 3 and Arena 3 again (groan). Cave Contents: Crossbow 2 fuel 5 food 2 water 1 health 1 ammo 7 keys Go all the way north on the corridor you start in and you'll get three keys. Start with Invincibility, pauegaaa, submitted by ventureman. As far as I can tell, there are no missions or motives or anything like that behind Max 's journey through the game. Go north at the intersection, then west at the next one.


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Submitted by ventureman, infinite Weapons, ouxpxvoo, submitted by ventureman. The locked room further to the right contains a crossbow, a health, and minecraft Magic Mods 1 11 a key. If you want to see all the caves, you should fill up your tank at the shop instead. Cave Contents: 2 fuel 3 food 2 keys The big room to the right contains nothing, but the room in the southeast corner contains the fuel and food, while the little rooms north of that contain the keys.

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